Our phones, tablets, ebook readers, and televisions are powerful computers that in most cases are heavily restricted.

Those restrictions have a single purpose: to preserve the control of the product vendor and its corporate allies over the device, even after purchase. By controling the device and what can be done, read, stored or run by it, they are stripping users of basic choices about their own lives.

Serious digital restrictions are so common that they have come to be considered a normal part of modern life.

This can be changed. To have a say in the way consumer technology works, we need to create a global movement. Citizens and consumers need to voice their desire for Free Technology - technology that empowers users instead of restricting them.

TheyDontWantYou.To aims to engage new audiences by exposing restrictions they face daily. Messages drawn from personal experiences are spread in public places and on social media; people are encouraged to adapt them to the particular issues they suffer from, and join the resistance.

Technology is at the core of our lives and should be serving us. When we want to use it in ways that do not correspond to the agenda of big business, content providers, and device manufacturers, they do everything in their power to prevent it. Don't yield - resist, disobey, and share your experience.

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